Published: 4/4/2019

Do you ever wish you could be a kid again when life’s only difficulty was choosing where your imagination was going to take you or deciding which toy to play with? When you believed you could be anything or anyone by simply changing your costume or hat? The possibilities were endless! You could be a superhero one day and a fairy princess the next. Peoria is the place that allows kids to explore their world and let their imaginations run wild.



Peoria Public Libraries

The Peoria public libraries area magical place full of laughter, adventure and memories that will last forever. With two centrally located libraries, all residents can enjoy the books and movies along with the free programs and activities each week. Children of all ages can enjoy crafts and plays along with reading programs and prizes along the way. Special events take place monthly and computers can be reserved for sessions to play games or work on homework. Check out for all the fun.



Rio Vista Community Park

Kids today are growing up in a world of smartphones and tablets, but at the end of the day they are still kids at heart. They love to play outside, dig in the dirt, roll down hills, climb anything and everything, and ride their bikes. At Rio Vista Community Park your kids can do all of that and more with its luscious green fields, beautiful lake, giant jungle gym, various trails, and perfect picnic spots. Fishing is also an option or strolling along the paved trails along Skunk Creek. Wildlife can be seen along the way and the trail is wide enough to support bikes as well. Inside the recreation center you will find a rock wall, racquetball, basketball and volleyball courts and a full gym. Day passes and childcare are available. For more information visit,



Bounce Around the Room

Laughing, screaming, running, jumping, and climbing make up all the elements of a kid’s paradise. Imagine a world full of trampolines, inflatables, obstacle courses, rock walls, ball pits, and giant slides all built especially for your kids. It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? In Peoria we have a multitude of trampoline and inflatable parks including Sky Zone, Jump Street, Uptown Jungle, and coming soon to Peoria, the Rush Fun Park. These parks are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and keep them from bouncing on the couches and off the walls.



Lake Pleasant

Sleeping under the stars, the sound of birds chirping, the smoky smell of a campfire, a gooey toasted marshmallow, and the freedom to go on a hike and fish, or splash in the lake make up the perfect ingredients for a trip your kids will never forget. While camping at Lake Pleasant you and your family can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature at it’s finest. Whether you take a day trip or plan for a longer stay, Lake Pleasant is an economical choice. Just a short drive away, yet your family will feel as if this staycation has transported them to another place. Camping sites are available for reservation. Also available for rent are jet skis, speed, pontoon and house boats, skis, tubes and other watersport activities. Visit Pleasant Harbor Marina or Scorpion Bay Marina for more information.






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