Published: 4/18/2019

West Wing Mountain

West Wing Mountain is another great place to capture the natural beauty of Peoria, Arizona. West Wing Mountain has two different hiking trails for guests to choose from, difficulty ranging from advanced to difficult. On the advanced trail, you will reach a summit that opens up to panoramic views all around you. If you are up for more of a challenge, you can choose to climb the scenic overlook that gives you a bird’s eye view of the New River Dam. Along the advanced trail there are interesting rock formations and hollowed out cave areas that are all prime opportunities for photographers to take a picture. West Wing Mountain is the perfect place to capture the beauty of Peoria from up above. For more information about West Wing Mountain, visit


Public Art

Peoria features various one of a kind sculptures and murals located around the city. All of the artwork tells a story about the city’s history or has a special meaning behind it. At night, many of these pieces come to life with lights and colors making for a beautiful shot. Most recently, the city added a piece of art called “Blooming Spire” created by Jeff Zischke. The sculpture is based on the organic shapes of some of Arizona’s indigenous desert plants, including the blooms and leaves of several different plants. A night this sculpture is lit up in a variety of colors. While photographing the artwork in Peoria you can capture the rich history and stories that make Peoria the city it is today. For more information about all of Peoria’s public artwork, visit


Pioneer Park

Do you love to take pictures of wildlife? If this is you, you should head over to Pioneer Park where wildlife is everywhere. You can snap pictures of a variety of birds hanging out around the lake. Can you get a picture of the blue heron that lives there? You can also try to find one of the many different fish living in the lake swimming to get their picture taken. On the other hand, you can stop by the dog park and capture all of the community dogs having the time of their lives running and playing. If stationary objects are more your cup of tea, the park is full of beautiful landscapes that would all make gorgeous locations for a set of pictures. For more information about Pioneer Park, visit


Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is 23, 362-acre Park full of picture perfect scenery. You could takes shots of the beautiful lake from many different locations all over the park, whether that be from up on a hiking trail or down on the shoreline. The lake also has an assortment plants and animals that can be spotted all over the park, such as wildflowers, butterflies, and lizards. There are many scenic spots scattered throughout the park that let you experience the view and capture it in a picture. While at Lake Pleasant, you are surrounded by mountains that are a beautiful view all on their own. The picture opportunities at Lake Pleasant are endless. For more information about Lake Pleasant, visit