Published: 4/11/2019

Welcome to beautiful Peoria, the place were adventures create memories.

If you are lucky enough to be traveling with your best friend, Peoria is the perfect place for you and your pooch. With locations that cater to all types of dogs, you and your pup are sure to find something fun to do.

Hiking is a great way for dogs and owners alike to get out of the house and into nature. In Peoria, West Wing Mountain is the perfect location for a hike. On the trail, you follow a ridgeline that takes you up to multiple small peaks and scenic views along the way. For more experienced hikers there is another trail labeled extreme that lets you travel through a beautiful canyon. The best part of West Wing Mountain is that you and your dog can hike these trails together as long as they are on a leash. For more information, visit

Hiking with your dog

If you and your dog are looking to socialize with other dogs and their owners, you should check out one of our many dog parks located throughout the city. Our dog parks are the ideal location to let your dog run free and play with new dogs while you get the opportunity to make friends with other dog lovers that live in Peoria. For more information, visit Peoria Parks and Recreation: Dog Parks to find a location near you.

Camp Bow Wow gives dog lovers who have to go out of town for the day or overnight a place to drop their dogs off that will care for their dogs until they return. During your dog’s stay at Camp Bow Wow they can be pampered at the groomers, run around in the camps spacious play areas, interact with new dogs and humans, or work on their obedience. Camp Bow Wow is the perfect way for dog owners and their pups to have a great day. For more information, visit

Dog Parks in Peoria

Head over to Lakeside Bar and Grill where they have a pet friendly patio. You and your pooch can enjoy a nice meal together. While seated at their pet friendly patio, your pup can enjoy a tasty treat all of their own. They can order kibble, grilled chicken breast, chicken and beef stew, or an 8 oz. angus beef patty off of their Tail Wagger section of the menu. For more information, visit

Dogs love water. Take a day trip out to Lake Pleasant and let your pal splash around in the lake. With miles of shoreline, you can find the perfect spot to settle down and watch them splash. Bring a life vest and head out on the water, kayaks and motor boats are available for rent.  For more information visit or