Published: 4/6/2020

By: Maryann Loya

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic going on in the United States this year, there has been a dark cloud cast over our daily lives. School has been cancelled until next year, sports have been put on hold, and dining out in restaurants cannot happen until approved. With so much uncertainty and anxiety, celebrating Easter can be far from your mind. Instead of not celebrating Easter this year, why not use this as a time to make a memorable at-home Easter your family will not forget? We have compiled a list of at-home ideas that are sure to pique your interest and maybe even spark a new Easter tradition.


Virtual Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

Hide Easter eggs in your backyard for your kids to find. When it is time to find the eggs, FaceTime with their grandparents so they can see the action. If their grandparents are unable to FaceTime at that moment, record the hunt and email it to them to watch at their leisure.

Wear the Easter Dress and Decorate the Table

Did you already purchase that perfect dress? Did you get the fancy table décor? It is still a great time to use it! Decorate your dining room table with spring décor and make a meal that your family decides on together. Allow each family member to pick a dish they would like and make a special meal. Eating at the table, as a family is a big part of the celebration of Easter, do not skip this precious memory. Before you enjoy dinner, take a family picture in the backyard in your Easter finest. It will be a great picture to look back on and reminisce.

Create a New Tradition

Since you will have more time at home this year, find a new tradition that you can do as a family. You can research a special dessert and make it together, tie-dye Easter eggs, or read a holiday book as a family. You can also start a family garden and plant some special seeds that you can nurture as a unit.

Easter Bunny at Home

Are your kids bummed they can’t visit the Easter Bunny this year? Bring him to your home! Order a costume online and dress up yourself! Have him surprise your kids with a personal visit right in your living room. Make sure your kids take photos with him and have candy ready. You can set aside a special Easter egg that the bunny gives to your kids.

Bunny Tricks

Do not forget the extra little surprises that create so many memories. When your kids go to bed, leave a trail of jellybeans from their room to their Easter baskets. Leave pieces of a cotton ball from the bunny’s tail along the path. Then, use baby powder to leave a little dust by the fridge. Put some food coloring in the milk so the kids have special “candy” milk from the Easter bunny himself. The possibilities are endless.

This year’s Easter celebration will be different from the past that is for sure. However, there is no reason why it has cannot be extra special and memorable. It is our job as parents to navigate our kids through this uncertain time. Giving them an Easter to remember can model to them how to make a tough situation and make it better. In fact, without all the rushing around, it might even be the best Easter yet.