Published: 9/24/2019

By: Maryann Loya

Now that the weather is cooling, it is the perfect time to explore Peoria’s trails and multi-use pathways. The city is filled with beautiful hiking and easily accessible trails that are right in our backyard. Head outdoors and explore what makes living in Peoria so special.


Mountain Trails

The City of Peoria has four unique mountain trails to explore. Each mountain promises stunning views and well-maintained trails.

  • WestWing Mountain is a 3.4-mile loop and is located in the WestWing community. The views are magnificent and the trails are ideal for running as well as hiking. The level of difficulty is moderate; the mountain includes a mix of inclines and narrow pathways. There are areas within the hike that have less elevation, so you can mix a combination of steep inclines with flat pathways. 
  • Sunrise Mountain is the largest trail, spanning across a 4.5-mile loop. While exploring Sunrise Mountain, you can expect to see wildflowers and a sweeping view of Peoria. It is located on WestWing Parkway. The trail is rated moderate in difficulty, with well-kept and marked pathways. The path is easily accessed from the park.
  • Eastwing Mountain measures 2.1 miles and is rated moderate for difficulty. It is located in North Peoria in Sonoran Mountain Ranch. The trail is quiet and peaceful, the perfect path to take your time exploring. When you reach the top of Eastwing, there is a 360-degree view, which makes for a beautiful sunset or sunrise hike. Eastwing is best for a quick hike with extensive views of the city.
  • The last trail is Calderwood Butte and it reaches 1.5 miles. It is also a moderate level in difficulty and offers scenic views. In fact, its view of Peoria is what makes Calderwood Butte stand out; it has 360 degree views with a glimpse of the skyline downtown. Mountain bikers like to utilize the trail, along with the hikers, due to the well-defined trails. Calderwood Butte is located on 99th Ave., north of Jomax Road.

The mountain trails are open from sunrise to sunset and are dog friendly Dogs must be on leashes at all times and the leashes cannot reach more than six feet in length.

Grab your hiking shoes and head outdoors. You are guaranteed to have a relaxing hike, run or bike filled with vibrant scenery. Remember to pack plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing.

Multi-use Pathways

Another option to explore the outdoors is by utilizing Peoria’s multi-use pathways. The pathways are ideal for biking, running, rollerblading and walking. The City of Peoria has two, the New River and the Skunk Creek Trails.

  • The New River Trail measures 13.5 miles and gives visitors the opportunity to see wildlife while they explore. While traveling along the path, there is a river and plenty of plants and greenery to admire as you venture down the trail. You can access the trail starting at Glendale Avenue and Bethany Home Road and take it to Pinnacle Peak Road.
  • Skunk Creek Trailhead is 5.7 miles and it starts at Rio Vista Community Park. There is plenty to admire as you travel along Skunk Creek; in fact, it includes a section that runs behind the Peoria Sports Complex off 83rd Avenue with background views of the baseball fields. There are small hills sprinkled throughout the path that add a moderate level of difficulty.

Grab your bike or slip on your walking shoes and enjoy a day outdoors. Make it a family event and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after your hike, walk, run, bike ride, or any activity you choose.

For more information, or to view an interactive trail map and a map of the multi-use trails, visit