Published: 5/9/2019

For theater fans, Peoria is the perfect place to see your favorite stories come to life! There are several great theaters in Peoria that hosts shows of every genre, including movie theaters, Broadway theater and  live music. Live performances are a perfect activity for all ages-- great for date nights, family gatherings, or just a night out on the town.

Arizona Broadway Theatre offers a unique experience for its customers, as the audience gets to enjoy a tasty meal before the performance begins. The food is included in the ticket cost, but some food and drinks cost extra. The talent at ABT is truly incredible. No matter what show you watch at this live theater, you’ll feel as if you are a part of the show yourself. The settings, costumes and acting all help create a fantastic storytelling experience. After the performance ends, the audience is invited to hear from the cast members. The Encore room at Arizona Broadway Theatre is available to rent for concerts, receptions, presentations or weddings.

Arizona Broadway Theater in Peoria AZ

Theater Works is a community theater in Peoria, that works to bring together this city with their passion for live theater. Located at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, Theater Works was founded in September of 1986. Theater Works has something for everyone to enjoy, as they host many different types of shows including: MasterWorks, YouthWorks, PuppetWorks, Music Series and Concerts, Comedy shows, and Film works. Theater Works is truly a work of art that provides remarkable theater to its community. Everyone at Theater Works is very talented and wants to create the art of theater, in order to unite the community of the City of Peoria. Theater Works is a non-profit organization that features over 200 events per year.

TheaterWorks at Peoria Center for the Performing Arts

The 2019/2020 season of shows include: the Marvelous Wonderettes, Beauty and the Beast, the Wizard of Oz, F’lympics starring Sherrie Martin and Boo Boo, Best of the West Comedy show, Rockin’ the Classics with T.A.and Play Reading Group. Theater Works is also putting on some youthworks for younger audiences: Shrek the Musical, Charlotte’s Web, James and the Giant Peach, and Winnie the Pooh.

We hope you get the chance to explore these incredible theaters, for some dining and entertainment. If you aren’t a fan of live theater, the City of Peoria has many well-known brand movie theaters that can provide you with a similar dining and entertainment experience.