Published: 8/20/2019

By: Maryann Loya

It is National Bacon Lover's Day; are you ready? Tuesday, Aug. 20 is a full day devoted to devouring the crispy goodness we call bacon. In order to support you on this tasty journey, we have scoured Peoria for unique and delicious bacon dishes. We picked a restaurant within our city that had a variety of mouthwatering bacon creations to offer, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. Located in the Park West shopping center, BJ’s menu includes a wide variety of food and an assortment of beers, wine and mixed drinks.

National Bacon Lover's Day

Creamy Couscous Mac and Cheese

This delicious side dish is unique and delicious. Made with couscous, it adds a unique texture to the traditional macaroni and cheese. The jack and cheddar cheese sauce give it a smooth finish and the best part is, it’s topped with Parmesan bread crumbs and apple wood smoked bacon. It’s the perfect start to your meal, or you can add it as a side.

Hickory Brisket and Bacon Burger

If you are craving a burger, BJ’s can add their famous applewood smoked bacon to any of their mouth-watering burgers. The Hickory Brisket and Bacon Burger features a fire grilled beef patty topped with smoked brisket and bacon. It’s topped with onions, cheese and mayonnaise, all between a premium Parker House bun. If you order this burger, you can expect a juicy, flavorful twist to the traditional sandwich.

Black and Bleu-House Burger

Once again, the apple wood smoked bacon brings the flavor. BJ’s offers distinctive burgers with added extras that bring it to the next level. With this particular burger, the bacon combined with the bleu cheese brings a new flavor to the traditional patty. The Parmesan-crusted bun includes a layer of roasted garlic aioli and is topped with grilled onions. Add fries or a salad to the side and you won’t be disappointed.

Too much bacon for you? Don’t let that keep you away from trying this eatery. BJ’s is a unique restaurant that includes many menu options; they truly have something for everyone. When you visit BJ’s, make sure you leave room for dessert, they have a full pizooki menu, including a Fruity Pebbles and Monkey Bread Pizooki. From the beginning of the meal to the end, you won’t leave disappointed.