Published: 5/23/2019

Have you ever woken up on a sunny day to birds chirping outside your window? Have you ever been driving in your neighborhood when a family of quail run across the street? The mom and dad leading the way with a dozen little baby quails trailing behind. Or maybe you’ve gone camping and seen an owl perched in its tree. In Arizona we are blessed to have over 500 bird species all around us. Fallen Feathers is an organization that takes in injured birds, rehabilitates them, and then releases them back into their natural habitat. Volunteers of any age are welcome as long as children under the age of 12 come with adult supervision. Volunteering at Fallen Feathers usually consists of feeding baby birds, opening the door to new birds, playing with exotic birds who love social interaction, making bird toys, participating with wild bird releases, routine feedings, general clean up and up keep, and assisting with educational programs. For more information, visit

Fallen Feathers


Think back to a time when you were anxious, sick, hurt, or just having a bad day. What was the one thing that made you better? For a lot of people that comfort comes in the form of a pet. There’s something so comforting about snuggling up on the couch with your dog and having them lick your face and lay on your lap until you feel better. Soldiers Best Friend rescues dogs from local shelters before pairing them with a United States military veteran living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The veteran and the dog then train together so the dog can become the veteran’s Service or Therapeutic Companion Dog. Soldiers Best Friend welcomes volunteers to help with event planning and set up, administrative duties, dog transportation, marketing, and more. Or if you would like to have a more hands on experience with the dogs you can volunteer to foster the rescue dogs and help the adoption managers see if the dogs are suitable candidate for service dog training. Foster families also help train the dog in household and public manners. For more information, visit

Soldier's Best Friend


Life is hard. Parents sometimes have to work multiple jobs to support their families. This can cause problems when those families have kids. Who is going to watch them and if the parents can’t who will? The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix provides a safe after school stop, summer camps, and a dental clinic for these kids. The Boys and Girls Club loves volunteers, but the kids love the volunteers even more. Sometimes the most meaningful thing you can do for these kids is spend time with them. Knowing that people take time out of their week to hang out with them means more then you could ever imagine. You can become a club volunteer, a special event volunteer, or a leadership volunteer. For more information, visit

Special Olympics is an incredible organization that provides year round athletic training and competitions in Olympic style sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics is a worldwide organization that spans over 172 countries. Arizona has their own branch that is always looking for new volunteers. Visit under the volunteer tab where you can choose any of the events listed and sign up to help. Volunteering with Special Olympics is a rewarding experience that you will never forget. Getting the opportunity to make even one of the athletes smile is sure to make your day.

Special Olympics


A home is a place to call your own, the place that holds a lifetime of memories, and is place where you can always feel safe. Now imagine not having one. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization working to make the world a place where everyone has decent place to live. They work in partnership with low-income families, volunteers, and sponsors to build, renovate, and repair homes. Habitat for Humanity depends on volunteers to continue providing the less fortunate with a place to live. Habitat for Humanity has a volunteer opportunity that suits everyone. They have individual and group volunteer options for anyone who is interested in lending a hand. For more information, visit